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I’m pleased to announce that a project that I have been working on with Joe Morris for the last year has finally launched. Left Right Boom is a collaborative working space located in Downtown Grand Rapids. We are offering desk memberships to creatives who work and live in the Grand Rapids area. These memberships offer a lot of value both in terms of the facilities we are offering and most importantly in the ability of talented people to collaborate on projects and grow their individual freelance businesses.

It’s a wonderful and challenging experience being a freelancer and this lifestyle offers a lot of ups and downs. Our goal is to take away many of the pain-points of being a lone creative by proximity. Working in the same space with other creatives gives you the opportunity to learn from others and refine the skills you already have.

Being your own boss is great, but when asked most Freelancers cite they want a steady cash flow, to be doing good work with good clients, and a community for support and inspiration. We often find ourselves wondering: “what do other people charge, how would others deal with a client in a similar situation, and I wish I had someone to bounce off an idea”

We have a lot of great ideas in how to grow both as an independent creative in the Midwest and as a group of hired guns. Look for more posts soon about what Left Right Boom is up to. You can find more information about Left Right Boom at our website, facebook, twitter, or instagram accounts.

Left Right Boom Conference Room

Left Right Boom Conference Room

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